Monday, January 3, 2011

Myself standing on the shores of Galilee as the sun was coming up over the sea. This would have been similar to when Jesus walked and talked with His disciples during the early morning hours.

Myself, Chris, Barrett and Tracy standing on the front of a ship as it takes us across the sea of Galilee. This would have been the way fishermen went out to sea to catch fish and the same lake that Jesus walked on water to meet them during the storm in John 6.

Chris and Tracy by a pool of water from the head of the Jordan river up north in Dan (which is the northern most part of Israel). Here in Dan a temple shrine was built for the northern Kingdom during the split kingdoms of Israel and God punished the tribes that went to it in 1 Kings 12.

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  1. You should use that top picture for the cover of a Christian pop album. It'd go platinum.