Friday, March 25, 2011

your daughter looks like a prostitute--poisoned femininity

A tremendously insightful article from the Wall Street Journal by a woman who grew up in the 'sexual liberation' movement. The movement of the 60's and 70's promised to 'unshackle' women from the home, modesty constraints and free them to be as sexually aggressive as men.

The problem became that it brought women not into liberation but bondage to their new reality. Ironically it helped to solidify men's objectifiying of women as sex objects as they cared less and less about modesty. It also gave men the freedom to view women as men by role and let them 'take care of themselves' as they now were out in the workforce. This reality made it all the easier for men to abandon their wives and families. Although there was nothing wrong with women getting great careers, the family became last priority to money and job and no one was left at home at all.

Now a post-liberated woman writes for the Wall Street Journal (of all places!) about her sexual regrets and how the values from her day have poisoned feminity for her daughters. Great journalism.

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