Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Check out my first photos from Israel and follow me on Twitter!

Today was an insane day. The first picture is of the Alps that had just gotten 4 feet of snow and the storm had just cleared the night before. I took it from my window at 35,000 feet at 606 mph from our 777 Luftansa flight. The next picture is of Chris who is at the Western or 'wailing' wall where the devout Jews go to pray for the restoration of the Temple and the return of the glory of Israel as well as their savior/messiah. The next is a shot of the Temple wall from the bottom corner where Jesus was tempted by Satan to jump from the top of to prove He really was protected by God.
The others are on the Temple mount (which once had the Temple on it that Jesus visited) that now has the Dome of the Rock mosque on it and took some pictures and video. It was an experience that can't really be described for those that love Jesus and the stories from His life. Also there is a picture of myself standing next to the stones that the Romans pushed off the Temple mount when they destoryed Jerusalem in 70 AD as Jesus prophesied. The other is of Barrett and Tracy who are along on the trip as well to see the land and shoot video.

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  1. this is the part of the flight when my stomach is usually in my nose...awesome stuff