Friday, December 31, 2010

Myself, Tracy, Barrett and Chris getting ready to swim in the lowest water in the world--the Dead Sea, 1300 feet BELOW sea level! It is also the saltiest/mineral rich water in the world. So thick in fact that you can float in it until almost half of your body is above water. After about 10 minutes your skin starts to burn from the drying effects of the salt.

Masada, the last outpost of the Jewish rebellion in 70 AD. Palace of King Herod thought to be unpenetrable from the fact of its incredible highth and steepness. The Romans spent years in seige of the mount which held 900 of the last Jewish rebels. They built a ramp just to the right of this picture with which they used battering rams to knock down the wall. The wall was finally breached in 73 AD at which time the Romans came into the city and found that everyone had committed suicide.

A model of what one of the machines looked like.

Myself standing at the pinnacle of Masada in Herods palace with the Dead sea in the background. All that is left is ruins at the top now but it was an amazing feat of architecture as many of the houses had ornate tiles lining the floors.

The sun breaking through over Beth Shemesh near where Samson lived and met Delilah in the Sorek valley in the picture below. He eventually was buried after he was killed in the fall of the palace that he pushed over after his hair grew back from when he was decieved by Delilah and captured in Judges 16.

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  1. Highly inappropriate swimwear Stick! It's like you're getting ready to soak in the hot tub with your soulmate!